The BBST Foundations Course commences

Experience Reports, Software Testing

Two months ago, I asked my employer whether I could follow the BBST Foundations course organised by Altom. My employer decided I could and gave me 5 days to work on it over the duration of the course.

Almost immediately I pre-ordered the coursebook, downloaded all the content and converted the video’s to MP3’s.
I vehemently started studying in advance and listened to the lectures during my daily commute.
Since that day, I might have been borderline obsessed with it.

So here I am, the day before the start.
There was an invitation mail in my inbox and I’ve entered the course website.

After some sense-making of the online platform, everything seems clear enough. One thing I miss is an option for one-on-one or multiple user communication channels.
There’s a few channels and they are open to everyone all the time. I understand the need for transparency, but the ability to have a dialogue or group discussion without having to refresh constantly would be nice.

The Meet-and-greet has already been filled by most instructors and some other students. They introduce themselves, what they do as a job and in their free time. Participants quickly get to know each other and the atmosphere is very jovial.

There’s a lot of potential for this course, I’m curious how it develops.

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