Team Communication

What does couples therapy have in common with your team? Well, it turns out: more than you think.

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse is a model that helps identify communication issues between people and teammembers. John Gottman’s  (PhD, an internationally renowned relationship expert and best-selling author) many years of research, shows us that the way we talk to each other reveals a lot. This would be nothing but a truism, if not for the fact that based on this approach by recognizing four types of negativity, Gottman is able to say … how far the couple actually is from a divorce. It turns out, that this is equally relevant to professional relationships.

We go deep into Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse: four negative and destructive communication patterns. Who they are, when they appear and how to tackle them.


  • How to recognize each of the 4 destructive communication habits in your team;
  • You will consider the sources and causes that trigger them;
  • You will learn how to prevent them and what to do when they have already manifested;
  • You will learn how to use the communication square technique to facilitate an effective communication process;
  • You will build awareness regarding your own communication style and its consequences;
  • You will create structural aids as a team, to fend off harmful communication behaviors.

Should you attend?

  • For teams willing to work more efficiently and in a more open, emotionally safe atmosphere;
  • For teams struggling to cooperate;
  • For people who want to build and maintain good relations around them.

Daria Dorda

Certified management 3.0 Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Business Psychologist.


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