Body and Breath

As knowledgeworkers we spend so much time inside our own head that we sometimes forget there’s a whole body supporting it. Blood flows from the lungs carrying oxygen, several organs are used to keep energy levels regulated and your muscles help you keep upright for the whole day.

We hardly notice, and we forget. Forget about the boost a good breath of fresh air can bring. We neglect our muscles. Our bodies come in second place.

It leads to lack of harmony, and sometimes also to psychological suffer. Meanwhile modern neuroscientific research shows with no doubt: that the way we treat our bodies can even shape our personality or the way we interact with others.

All the tools and techniques used during the workshop come from evidence based practice and research that describe permanent and beneficial changes that can occur in the brain. Presented exercises can help your brain to create new neuronal connections, which translates into your well-being, better mood and deeper self-awareness.


  • Learn to breath consciously: how to breathe in order to relax, how to breathe when you need an energy shot, and how to do this when you need to connect to your emotions;
  • Learn to reveal emotions in a safe way, with help of body and/or breath exercises;
  • Experience what stress is all about and how to change your attitude regarding it, so that it would be helpful instead of harmful;
  • Learn to scan your body and to recognize it’s needs;
  • Focus on the here and now.

Should you attend?

  • You’ll need an open heart and mind;
  • Your favorite cozy tracksuit;

The following can also be provided by the trainer:

  • Mat (same that are used for yoga exercises, or those used for camping);
  • Two tennis balls;
  • Pillow and blanket;
  • Favorite socks.

As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong.
– Jon Kabat Zin

Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own. I can show you how to use it wisely.

Daria Dorda

Certified management 3.0 Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Business Psychologist.


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